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This package is part of a lager collection of isometric tiles by Golden Skull.

The Ice Dungeon is the very first dungeon pack in this collection and features a whopping: 326 Tiles!

This package marks the starting point of a series of dungeon themed tilesets that I am planning to create. (Stay Tuned)

This Asset is compatible with and optimized for 2D Isometric Tilemaps.

**Some Sorting Issues might occur . I give my best to provide fully functional flawless examples, but I might have missed something. Please join my discord to report anything you find and we look for solutions together.

Tile Technical Data:

  • Grid-Width: 128px
  • Grid-Height: 64px
  • Additional Tile Height: 96px
  • Base tile total dimensions: 128px x 160px

Since I create organic looking tiles, to break the grid, most tiles come with additional alpha padding around and are bigger than the raw 128px x 160px tile and therefore non-power of two. Power of Two can easily be achieved by using POT Spritesheets.


  • Free Updates!
  • Free Customer Support
  • Big selection of growing collection of compatible Tilesets
  • Technical details
    • PNG images with alpha channel
    • Downloads come in ZIP format
  • Licenses
    • Commercial Use
    • No time or project use limitation
    • No revenue cut - in case of financial success of your projects, donations are much appreciated and help me release more packages
    • Can be altered and modified for use in project.
    • No redistribution(selling) of package, its contents, altered or derived versions. 
    • If you release isometric editors or tools and wish to include tiles, please sget in touch for a special license.


  • 1 Zip File containing one-Layer PSDs in Folder Structure
  • 1 Zip File containing all PNGs in one Folder
  • 1 Zip File containing a Unity Package with:
    • 1 Scene with 5 Demo Maps
    • Graphics: 326 (as PSDs in folder structure, & PNGs in ONE big folder)
      • Tiles: 133 
      • Decoration: 193
    • All Graphics Setup as Tiles, with some RuleTiles
    • Import Settings:
      • 1-Height Tile Import Setting
      • 2-Height Tile Import Setting
      • Tilemap renderer Import Setting
    • 4 Materials
    • 1 Tilemap Template Setup (How I would setup my Tilemap Layers, to work on Levels)
    • 1 Tile Palette with all Tiles setup (Including some AutoTiles aka. RuleTiles)
    • Bonus:
      • Simple Character Movement Script
      • Sample Prefabs
      • Interactive Sprite Trigger Example Script
      • Bonus Sprites: 
        • 1 Character Template
        • 1 Monster
        • 2 Editor Collider Sprites


  • Q: Is this package compatible with the 2D to 2.5D Conversion package?
    • A: . Since I used the exact same setup as the 2D Isometric Starter Pack, yes, the normal height tiles work. There are some things to keep in mind though: The new package has also tall tiles, they would not work, but every tall tile has a "normal" tile version, so not a big loss.
      In addition to that: PROPS will not work, since every single prop would need a custom 2.5D equivalent. It would be easier to just create and use 3D props in that case...



About the Author

  • My name is Max Heyder, and I am a professional Game Artist since 2012, specialized on isometric environments. I am insanely passionate about isometric games...who would have guessed. 
  • As a professional, I have worked as Lead Artist and Art Director on International Projects, ranging from AAA to Indie Titles for Mobile, Web and Consoles.
  • My dream is to provide hobbyists and professionals alike, with affordable game art, hand drawn with lots of love and care for detail.
  • To help keep the tilesets affordable for everyone, I ask for donations and support from those, who can afford to pay more, or achieve financial success with their projects.
  • A lot of time goes into planning, ideating, sketching, crafting and extensively testing the tilesets and if I apply Standard Exclusive Freelance Rates on a package, one package alone would be worth ~20.000€ and more. So you save a whopping 1000%.
  • If you like my art and wish to support what I am doing, please consider donating or paying more.
  • That being said, I hope you enjoy using them and create wonderful worlds and stories for others to play.


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